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15'' IADC127 Tricone Bits with Steel Milled Teeth

  • Code No.: TCB-ST-381
  • Diameter: 381mm
  • Diameter: 15''
  • Pin Type Dimensions: 6 5/8'' API
  • Teeth Type: Steel Milled
  • IADC No.: 127

15'' IADC127 Tricone Bits with Steel Milled Teeth

15'' IADC127 Tricone Bits with Steel Milled Teeth

Product details

Tricone Bits with Steel Milled Teeth 

ProDrill manufactures heavy duty Steel tricone drill bits to meet your customized drilling needs. The bits have been classified based on their diameter (footprint), American Petroleum Industry number (API Number) and International Association of  Drilling Contractor number (IADC number). The IADC number further classifies the tricone bits based on the tooth material of construction, suitability for drilling into soft, medium or hard rock and bearing type used. ProDrill can offer tricone bits for all possible combinations of IADC number.

Rock drilling tools manufacturer ProDrill offers a complete line of rotary drilling tools. Tricone bits are available in new and used (re-tip and re-run) steel tooth and tungsten carbide insert, size from 3 3/8''(85.7mm) to 26''(660.4mm) for use in all formations, with any bearing/seal type, and provide a wide range of additional custom features. 

15''-TCB-ST-381-Tricone Bits with Steel Milled Teeth

15'' IADC Code 127 Tricone Bits with Steel Milled Teeth

Tricone drill bits included Steel Tooth (also referred as milled tooth) bits and Tungsten Carbide Insert (TCI) bits, TCI drilling bits are much more durable than Steel Tooth ones, but manufacture them cost higher. Both these two types of Tricone Bits are available with 
(1) Open Bearing or Sealed Bearing 
(2) Roller Bearing or Friction Bearing (Journal Bearing)
(3) Gage Protected or Non-Gage Protected, etc

These tricone bits are widely used in mining, oil well, water well, thermal drilling.

PDFFor more details please watch PDF online: Tricone Bits with Steel Milled Teeth Catalogue

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