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CIR90-90mm Low Air Pressure DTH Hammer Bit

  • Code No.: CIR90-90
  • Diameter: 90mm
  • Gauge Buttons: 6
  • Front Buttons: 4
  • Carbide Design: Ballistic
  • Face Design: Convex
  • Shank Type: CIR

CIR90-90mm Low Air Pressure DTH Hammer Bit

Product details

ProDrill rock drilling tools manufacturer has a full range of DTH drill bits with CIR shanks type for a wide range of hole sizes, which are designed to match all conceivable applications for water well industries, stone quarrying, mining and construction.

Shank types: CIR90, CIR100, CIR110, etc. 

DTH hammer bits hole diameter: 3'', 4'', 5'', 6'', 8''(85mm-305mm).

CIR90-90mm Low Air Pressure DTH Hammer Bit

1.Improved steel grade for better fatigue properties 
2.Five basic front designs 
3.Designs for all rock types

CIR90 DTH Hammer

CIR90 Hammer to match CIR90-90mm DTH Hammer Bits

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