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Coupler d 55мм

Coupler d 55мм

Product details

190mm Length Full Bridge Type Coupling Sleeve

Coupling sleeve is one of important component for top hammer drill string. There are 3 types of coupling components. 

R32-T38 Thread Full Bridge Coupling SleeveFull Bridge Coupling Sleeve

Full-Bridge Coupling Sleeves

• Eliminates the potential for the coupling to creep along the threaded joints

• Typically used in surface applications

• Better uncoupling characteristics and tend to maintain tighter joints

• Less chance of jamming

• Best suited to machines equipped with independent rotation 

Closer look of Full Bridge Coupling Sleeve

 Full bridge coupling sleeve

Adapter Coupling, Cross over bit adapter 

• Used when changing from one thread type, or size, to another and are typically required only in special circumstances  

Cross over adapter,semi-bridge/full-bridge coupling sleeves

From left to right:  adapter couplingsemi bridge coupling sleeve, full bridge coupling sleeve

PDFFor more details please download PDF:  Coupling Sleeves Catalogue

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