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Grinding Stone 150mm*20mm*32 mm ,120 Grit for TCT Grinding ( Green Silicon Carbide )

Grinding Stone 150mm*20mm*32 mm ,120 Grit for TCT Grinding ( Green Silicon Carbide )

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Rock drilling tools manufacturer ProDrill Grinding Stone is a special abrasive material for sharpening chisel carbide bit of integral drill steels to cycle and extend then use life of bits and drill rods and then achieves less cost of drilling cost at certain level for your drilling benefits. 


Feature and advantage: higher abrasive resistance , and much safe warranted in normal usage.

Made of first class quality silicone carbide, it ensures the abrasive resistance of our Grinding Wheel (Grinding Stone) . Used for grinding the chisel bits and integral drill rod. Through grinding, you can prolong the life span of your drill bit or rods, to reduce your drilling cost. Offer Grinding Wheels for swing and senior -available for wet and dry grinding
Grinding Wheels (Grinding Stone)'s first brand to be Mountain, has been approved by more than 15 years market experiences in most of quarry countries, especially Saudi Arabia. At present, Our exported Qty of Mountain Grinding Wheel consumption for Saudi granite quarry reach 10,000 pcs per year.

Hardness: the degree of difficulty of abrasive particles falling off the surface of abrasive tools during grinding.
Super soft soft Medium soft Middle Medium hard hard Superhard
Super soft soft 1 soft 2 soft 3 Medium soft 1 Medium soft 2 Middle 1 Middle 2 Medium hard 1 Medium hard 2 Medium hard 3 Hard 1 Hard 2 Superhard
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