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G200 Hand Held Button Bit Grinder for sharpening bit carbide

  • Air pressure: 5-7 bar (72-100 psi)
  • Air consumption, max: 35 L/S, 2 m3/min
  • Rate power: 1.8 kw
  • Idling speed: 22,000 r.p.m
  • Water flushing pressure, max: 4 bar (60 psi)
  • Hose diameter, air: 19 mm (1/2’’)
  • Hose diameter, water: 6 mm (1/4’’)
  • Weight, excel. Hoses: 3.2 kg
  • Sound level: 90 dB

G200 Hand Held Button Bit Grinder for sharpening bit carbide

Product details

Hand held pneumatic button bit grinder, button bit grinding machine

G200, a complete manual grinding system consisting of pneumatic grinding machine with a specially designed Chuck, Quick Snap, and matching diamond grinding cup  (grinding cap) is ideal for small-schale field operations. 

This powerful pneumatic button bit grinder is well-known for its easy of maintenance with corrosion free spare parts, sealed bearing, drop in cartridge air motor, light weight trigger action, quick change chucks for different diamond grinding cups , giving a fast and efficient re-grinding machine, its package box is very strong and good-looking. 



Rock drilling tools manufacturer ProDrill: G200 Hand-Held Air Grinder is powered by air pressure from air compressor to make a job of re-grinding tapered button bits, threaded button bits and DTH button bits.   G200 Hand Held Button Bit Grinder with Chucks and Grinding Cups: 

Button Bit Grinder with Chucks and Grinding Cups 

Button Bit Grinder with Chucks, Grinding Cups and assemble tools:

Button Bit Grinder with Chucks and Grinding Cups, Tools

Packaging, with high quality aluminium box:

G200 Hand-Held Air Grinder Packaging 


G200 Hand Held Button Bit Grinder Technical Specification

 Air pressure

 5-7 bar (72-100 psi)

 Air consumption, max

 35 L/S, 2 m3/min

 Rate power

 1.8 kw

 Idling speed

 22,000 r.p.m

 Water flushing pressure, max

 4 bar (60 psi)

 Hose diameter, air

 19 mm (1/2’’)

 Hose diameter, water

 6 mm (1/4’’)

 Weight, excel. Hoses

 3.2 kg

 Sound level

 90 dB

Keywords : pneumatic grinding machine,  drill bit sharpener, Pneumatic button bits grinder

DTH bit sharpening machine 

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