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Diamond Grinding Cups , Drill Bit Sharpener

  • Size: 7mm -26mm,
  • Shape: Dome, Ballistic
  • Type: King, SVK, CME, Atlas

Diamond Grinding Cups , Drill Bit Sharpener

Diamond Grinding Cups , Drill Bit Sharpener

Product details

Diamond Grir nding Cups , Drill Bit Sharpener

G200 pneumatic grinding mahcine using all type of Diamond Grinding Cups, Grinding Caps, Grinding Pins , which are made by super quality diamond abrasive materials by rock drilling tools manufacturer ProDrill, designed for hand held air button bit grinder, or semi-auto button bit grinder, grinding pin diameter to fit bit size from 7mm-26mm, shape: Dome, Semi-Ballistic, Ballistic, Type: King, SVK, CME, Altas. 

Tapered , threaded button bits with spherical, or ballistic buttons are reground to a perfect finish in this our ProDrill air button bit grinder, equipped with diamond-coated grinding wheels 

SVK type:


Diamond sharpening cap No. 12 CME, with internal hexagon Spherical , Ballistic 
Diamond sharpening cap No. 13 CME, with internal hexagon Ballistic Spherical 
Diamond sharpening cap No. 14 CME, with internal hexagon Ballistic ,Spherical 
Diamond sharpening cap No. 16 CME, with internal hexagon Sperical , Ballistic

CME type:


King type:


Atlas type:

Atlas copco

PDFFor more details please watch PDF online:  Diamond Grinding Cups Catalogue

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