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Diamond Grinding Wheel for Repairing Button Bit

  • Size: 7mm -20mm,:
  • Shape: as the picture:
  • Type: as the picture:

Diamond Grinding Wheel for Repairing Button Bit

Product details

Diamond Grinding Wheel for Repairing Button Bit

Prodrill offer a wide range of high quality grinding machines, grinding wheels and cups. Every product is specifically designed to increase safety, productivity and - not least - revenue. They all work perfectly with the top hammer, down-the-hole, integral steels and cross and X-bits.

Prodrill offers products which are suitable for all situations - from grinding directly at the drill rigs, to grinding in workshops for high levels of production. Prodrill aslo offers spare parts, as well as all the support you need to create a safe and successful business.


By regrinding your drill bits regularly, you can increase the length of their service life by up to 10 times. Prodrill offers a complete range of grinders and grinding accessories, from small manual pneumatic grinders to stationary semi-automatic ones for the economical grinding of large volumes of drill bits. Careful maintenance of the cemented carbide inserts in drilling tools improves almost all rock drilling parameters. This allows you to ensure that you are always able to work as efficiently as possible.


  • 1.High quality, long lasting grinding machines, wheels and cups that reduce your total operation cost
  • 2.Access to parts, product knowledge, and support ensure your success
  • 3.We offer a wide range of products in different sizes to cover all your needs



Buttons are under repairing by grinding wheel and machine:



Grinding wheel samples video displays:

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