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Q12-64-R32-RC Threaded Button Bit

  • Thread: R32
  • Diameter: 64mm
  • Gauge: 8*10mm
  • Front: 4*10mm
  • Skirt Design: Retrac
  • Face Design: Flat face
  • Carbide Design: Semi-Ballistic
  • Water Holes: 2 on front
  • Weight: 2.22kgs

Q12-64-R32-RC Threaded Button Bit

R32-64 Threaded Button Bit
R32-64 Threaded Button Bit
R32-64 Threaded Button Bit
R32-64 Threaded Button Bit
R32-64 Threaded Button Bit

Product details

Rock drilling tools manufacturer ProDrill threaded button bits offers leading strength and penetration rates in the industry for more productivity, excellent straightness and hole clean quality, with max drilling performance for rock drill bits with long life to save up fuel cost rate. Prodrill R32-64 retrac threaded drill bits are specially designed for hard stone rock formation.

We will choose to use tungsten carbide of T6,featuring good wear-resistance and toughness.
This type of carbide has already been proved to be the best in world and been competing with those big names worldwide for quite a long time. 
Meanwhile,we will choose to use superior steel suitable for hot insertion technology, by which the drilling bits body will hold the carbide buttons so tightly that reduce the risk of buttons’ dropping out of the holes.
In order to better resist the abrasiveness of rock, spherical shape will be a good option for the carbide  if high speed is not a necessity. 

R32-64 Threaded Button BitR32-64 Threaded Button Bit with flat face, semi-ballistic buttons

Thread Button Bits comes with good wear properties

• It is ideal for single pass or short hole drilling such as underground tunneling application that require infrequent uncoupling
• It is available in sizes 22 mm-89 mm

R32-64 Threaded Button BitR32-64 Threaded Button BitR32-64 Threaded Button Bit



R32-64 threaded drill bits with retrac body, flat face and semi-ballistic buttons.

PDFFor more details please watch PDF online:  R32 Threaded Drill Bits for Drifting and Tunneling Catalogue

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