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T45-89-14button FF spherical bit

  • Premium designs and steel and premium tungsten carbide insert grade T6 supplied by Boart Long year, Offers industry-leading strength and penetration rates for more productivity,Excellent straightness and hole clean quality,Get max.drilling performance for rock drills with long life to save up fuel cost rate.:

T45-89-14button FF spherical bit

Product details

  • Code No.: Q14-89-T45-FF
  • Thread: T45
  • Diameter: 89mm
  • Gauge Buttons: 8
  • Front Buttons: 6
  • Face Design: Flat-face
  • Carbide Design: Dome

Rock drilling tools factory ProDrill manufactures rock drill bits: T45 button FF spherical bit is the most important size for benching and long-hole drilling underground

T45-89-14button FF spherical bit, 13mm*8+12mm*6

Diameter: 76mm, 89mm, 102mm
Face type: flat, uniface, drop Center
Carbide shape: Dome, ballistic, semi-ballistic
Drop Center Face T45 Threaded Drill Bit
T45 button FF spherical bit with drop center face design.

14 Dome Buttons, 89mm Diamter, T45 Thread, flat-face body Top Hammer Bit to match with extension drill rods for bench drilling and underground long hole drilling.、

For more details please watch PDF online: T45 Drill Bits for Bench Drilling, Long Hole Drilling Underground Catalogue

Sandvik Top hammer drill rig RANGER DX700 using ProDrill drill bits , showing perfect drilling performance of higher penetration rate , longer life, lower cost.


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