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Threaded Button Bits Summary

  • Top hammer drill bits summary :

Threaded Button Bits Summary

Threaded Button Bits Summary

Product details

Threaded Button Bits summary 

Key words : Top hammer drill bits / Top Hole Hammer Bits / Threaded Drill Bits 

ProDrill offer a wide of hammer bit as per different thread type, diameter, skirt body, face, and carbide shape as for your drilling job

Comprehensive range of Bits with Cross up to 64,(2 1/2”) and ‘X’from 64mm to 102 mm(2 1/2”-4”). Button Bit size range from 35mm to 150mm(1 3/8”-6”) with designs including, Heavy Duty, Drop Centre, Grooved Face, Ballistic, Paraboloid and Retrac, and combinations thereof, Avaliable with all popular international forms including: R25,R28,R32,T38,T45, T51 and GT60. 

Thread Type Selection. 

R Thread 

Has good wear properties
• It is ideal for single pass or short hole drilling such as underground tunneling application that require infrequent uncoupling
• It is available in sizes 22 mm-38 mm

Threaded Button Bit

T Thread 

• This type of thread has a greater torque transferring capacity
• It is ideal for extension drilling with multiple steel
• It is available in size 38 mm, 45 mm, 51 mm and 60 mm 

Diameter Selection
The selection of the hammer bits is done based on the diameter one intends to drill.  ProDrill offers top hammer drill bits ranging from 28 mm (1 1/8'') to 127 mm (5'') , main size : 32mm, 34mm, 38mm, 45mm, 48mm, 57mm, 64mm, 76mm, 89mm, 102mm, 115mm etc to cover small hole drilling such as dimensional stone quarrying like granite, marble, and drifting & tunneling long hole for bench drilling Underground mining

Bit face configuration
ProDrill offers threaded button bits with drop center, flat face, uni-face bit face configuration. The selection criterion explained as below.

Drop Center Bit face configuration

Flat Face bit face configuration

Uni-face Bits face configuration

Threaded button bits,Flat face,convex,drop center

Drop center bits ( DC) are well suited for drilling straighter holes in less abrasive and less consolidated rock at a faster rate .

Flat face bit face configuration
Flat face button bits are general multipurpose bit that perform well in all rock conditions. They have a superior performance in hard, abrasive rock conditions. They are especially well suited for rocks such as granite, basalt, and hard limestone. They however have a slower penetration rate in comparison to drop center bit. 

Uniface Bits

Uniface is similar to Drop Center design provide superior rock crushing properties and more efficient crushing properties, and assure imported distribution of energy to crush the rock when compared with traditional designs. Fast flushing and high penetrate rate for hard rock and less abrasive rock condition

Threaded Button Bit

R32-64mm uniface bit design for drifting mining underground 


Carbide profile selection
The right selection of the carbide profile shape is the fundamental decision when selecting different button bits. ProDrill offers button bits having either semi-ballistic or hemispherical carbide design.






The button bit with semi ballistic carbide configuration offers faster penetration in softer rock. They are best suited for non abrasive ground conditions.

Hemispherical carbide
Button Bits with hemispherical carbide configuration are capable of drilling in hard rock. Although their penetration rate is slower in comparison to the bits with semi ballistic carbide profile, the bit life is longer

Semi-Ballistic Button bit

R32-45, 9 buttons, semi- ballistic 

Skirt profile selection

ProDrill offers top hammer bits having both retrac as well as standard skirt

Standard Skirt profile
A standard skirt is more suited for homogeneous rock conditions. The standard skirt is typically smaller than the head diameter and this gap between the bit and the rock wall helps in the flushing characteristics of the

• ProDrill Tapered, Threaded bits for small hole drilling, drifting and tunneling, stone quarrying applications

• ProDrill offers top hammer threaded drill bits for long hole drilling underground mining,  and bench drilling applications

Retrac skirt profile
A retrac skirt is more suited for unconsolidated rock conditions. The splines improve the flushing characteristics of the hole and also assist in the quick and easy retrial of drill string. Retrac skirt body bit with uniface design is a very popular in blasting & drilling for mining, The Retrac and uniface designs ensure high penetrate rates, long services life, and hole straightness. The retrac design offer superior hole straightness throughout the entire service life of the bit for any rock condition and formation

Retrac Threaded Button Bit

Threaded Button Bits

GT60-102mm uniface+ retrac design, long-hole, heavy-duty top hammer. 

Drill rig,button bits

Power Roc , Atals Copco, bench drilling,  classical model no.  Photoed in limestone quarry 

in Guang Xi province, China. 

Drill rig,button bits

Model No. ROC D7, Atlas Copco,  Bench Drilling, Long-hole, T38/T45/T51-76, 89, 102 mm 

Photoed in Metal minerals Shan X, i province, China 

Drill rig,threaded button bit

Model No. ROC L8  Atals Copco,  photoed in Copper mineral, Anhui, Province, in China 

Long hole drilling,button bits

Tamrock , Sandvik,  photo taken in SVG, Black Galaxy granite quarry, Ongel, Tami Nadul, India. 

Top hammer drifter

Drifter top hammer for underground mining, photo made in Chile Expomin 2016,

Hydraulic top hammer

Hydraulic top hammer for tunneling , photo got in Xiamen cross sea tunneling, Fujian province, China.  

Hydraulic top hammer

Hydraulic top hammer for tunneling , photo got in Xiamen cross sea tunneling, Fujian province, China.  

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