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YN27C Gasoline Machine for Rock Drill/Jack Hammer

  • Rock Drill Model: YN27C
  • Function: Rock Drill/Jack Hammer
  • Weight: 27KG
  • Overall Dimension: L746*W315*H229mm
  • Diameter of Engine Piston: 58mm
  • Stroke of Engine Piston: 70mm
  • Rotating Speed of Engine: >2450 R/min
  • Rotating Speed of Drilling Rod: >250 R/min
  • Oil Consumption: <0.12 L/m
  • Tank Capacity: 1.65 L
  • Max Drilling Depth: 6m
  • Shank Size: Hex22*108mm
  • Ignition System: Controllable Silicon, Contactless System

YN27C Gasoline Machine for Rock Drill/Jack Hammer

YN27C Gasoline Rock Drill
YN27C Gasoline Rock Drill
YN27C Gasoline Rock Drill
YN27C Gasoline Rock Drill
YN27C Gasoline Rock Drill
YN27C Gasoline Rock Drill

Product details

YN27C Internal Combustion Rock Drill / PETROL DRIVEN ROCK DRILL MACHINE for Drilling and Jack Hammer

YN27C Gasoline Rock Drill/Jack Hammer 

YN27C with Tapered Drill Rod L600mm and Tapered Drill Bit 34mm:

YN27C Gasoline Rock Drills

Rock drilling tools manufacturer ProDrill: YN27C gasoline rock drills or petrol driven rock drill machine is powered by gasoline engine, without using air compressor, a very efficient machine with the characters that the structure is very compact, less of the-easy-to-damage-parts, and very easy to control. It can adapt to these outside situations there is no water and no electronic power. It is a kind hand held drill built up with gasoline engine, air pump, rock drill and the rotation plum bum equipment for running or stop. It can be used as a tool for breaking, percussive drilling, tamping besides rock. 

Other type also available: YN27A,YN28,YN30A,YN30W

YN27C Gasoline Rock Drills with tapered drill rods & bit


YN27C Gasoline Drill / Internal Combustion rock drill/jack hammer machine at work site:

YN27C Gasoline Drill at work site 

 YN27C Gasoline Rock Drill specs

YN27 Gasoline Rock Drills packaging

YN27 Gasoline Rock Drills package 

YN27C Internal Combustion Rock Drill Packing List

For PDF files please click: YN27C Gasoline Rock Drill Specification ,   

                                          YN27C Packing List

                                          YN27C YN27P Rock drill instruction booklet

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