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Q19-140-GT60-RC-Threaded Button Bit

  • Code No.: Q19-140-GT60-RC
  • Thread: GT60
  • Diameter: 140mm
  • Gauge Buttons: 9*14mm
  • Front Buttons: 10*14mm
  • Skirt Design: Retrac
  • Carbide Design: Dome
  • Face Design: Uniface

Q19-140-GT60-RC-Threaded Button Bit

threaded button bits
threaded button bits
threaded button bits
threaded button bits
threaded button bits
threaded button bits

Product details

Rock drilling tools manufacturer ProDrill offers rock drill bits: GT60 Threaded Button Bits are one of the most important size for benching and long hole drilling underground

GT60 Threaded Button Bit

Diameter: 93mm, 102mm, 115mm, 127mm,140mm

Skirt Body: retrac, and normal, straightrac

Face type: flat, uniface, drop center

Uniface GT60 Threaded Drill Bit

Carbide Design: Dome, ballistic, semi-ballistic/parabolic

Retrac body Threaded Drill BitGT60 Threaded Button BitGT60 threaded button bitGT60 Thread Retrac Button Bit

Used in bench drilling, underground long hole drilling to match extension drill rod, heavy duty top hammer.

GT60 Threaded Button Bit

20 Semi-ballistic carbide inserts GT60 threaded dill bit with flat face design, 115mm diameter with extension drill steel for bench drilling and underground long hole drilling.

PDFFor more details please watch PDF online: GT60 Drill Bits for Bench Drilling, Long Hole Drilling Underground Catalogue

Q19-140-GT60-RC-Threaded Button Bit for Sandvik drill rig-DP1500i-ProDrill

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