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Q7-45-R32-Threaded Button Bit

Q7-45-R32-Threaded Button Bit

Q7-45-R32-Threaded Button Bit

Product details

Rock drilling tools manufacturer ProDrill offers rock drill bits: R32 Threaded Button Bits is the most important size for drifting and tunneling drilling job.

Q7-51-R32-Threaded Button Bit

We will choose to use tungsten carbide of T6,featuring good wear-resistance and toughness.
This type of carbide has already been proved to be the best in world and been competing with those big names worldwide for quite a long time. 
Meanwhile,we will choose to use superior steel suitable for hot insertion technology, by which the drilling bits body will hold the carbide buttons so tightly that reduce the risk of buttons’ dropping out of the holes.
In order to better resist the abrasiveness of rock, spherical shape will be a good option for the carbide  if high speed is not a necessity. 

R32 Threaded Drill Bit Specs

Diameter: 43mm, 45mm, 48mm, 51mm, 57mm, 64mm

Skirt body: retrac, and normal

Face: flat, uniface

Carbide: Dome, ballistic

Used in drifting and tunneling, or dimensional natural stone quarrying

Drift rod : R32-R28 H28 2600mm

               R32-R28 H28 3100mm

               R32-T38 H35 3660mm

               R32-T38 H35 4300mm

Q7-45-R32-Threaded Button Bit

To match shank rod, and MM and MF Hex drifter rod for light-duty top hammer such as Atlas Copco Boomer 282, L2D, and similar of Sandvik drill rig like Q7. 

Main Drifter rod as follows: 

R32/R38-Hex 32 -R32  3660mm 

T38-Hex32/R35-R32  4305mm 

Hydraulic drifter hammer rig

Hydraulic drifter hammer rig 

Threaded Button Bit

R32-45mm 7 buttons, Threaded Button Bit with drifting drill rod

PDFFor more details please watch PDF online: R32 Threaded Drill Bits for Drifting and Tunneling Catalogue

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